ORDERING VIA WEBSITE, simply add the items to your cart, select checkout and then follow the prompts to enter your billing/shipping details, payment information and any additional notes.

ORDER VIA WHATSAPP, all you need to do is by just sending a WHATSAPP to make an order.

We need details in the following template format:

  1. Customer Name / Recipient Name
  2. Delivery Address
  3. Contact Number
  4. List of item(s) that you want to order
  5. Payment method (Inter­bank transfer / DBS PayLah! / PayNOW)



USING DBS PAYLAH! as your payment method:

Open your PayLah! App and transfer the amount with reference to HP 91910168. This payment method is instantaneous and DBS PayLah! will immediately confirm your payment.

USING DBS PAYNOW as your payment method:

Transfer the amount to 91910168 via PayNow through your mobile or internet banking application.

USING BANK TRANSFER as your payment method:

  • We accept local bank transfer payment for your purchase.
  • You can either go to ATM or i­Banking to perform the transaction.
  • Simply transfer to ….
  • 3) and input your ORDER ID.
  • For ATM transfer, please provide a screenshot of the transaction slip.
  • For i­Banking transfer, please inform us the name used for the transfer.
  • As soon as we received the payment, we will update the status of the order and inform you accordingly.