Eat the Brown Rice Granola Brown [7 for $9.90]

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Healthy convenient on the go cereal from Korea that comes with a spoon inside!
These are all standing pouch, no bowls are required to add your preferred beverage in (eg. Milk, Yoghurt, etc.)

100% Korean Brown Rice
– It contains a lot of nutrients such as vegetable fiber and various enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and its outer skin absorbs waste materials in the body and excretes them out of the body.

Patented Functional Rice
– GABA brown rice has 8 times more GABA, a brain activator, than regular brown rice does. It is a functional rice that improves concentration and memory, and has a positive effect on growth and development of children.

Natural Sweetness
– Unrefined raw sugar is made by evaporating sugarcane juice and refining it, and it contains a lot of various nutrients of sugarcane.

Non-Synthetic Coloring Matter & Non-Synthetic Flavoring Agent
– The natural powder form nature is coated directly on brown rice, adding flavour and fragrance to each material. You can rest assure that we do not use synthetic colouring agents or synthetic flavouring agents.

Net weight per packet: 30g

Product of Korea

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