Omi Breath Concentrated Extract 365ml (五味子)

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Ingredients: OOmija Extract, Fructooligosaccharide, Pear Concentrate, Xylitol, Ginger Concentrate, Citric Acid, Stevia, Vitamin C

Please note:
Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool dry place.
Sediment may occur depending on the nature of the ingredients but quality will not be compromised.

1. Dilute one part of Omija extract with five parts of water to make a cool drink or a hot tea.
2. Mix with yogurt, milk, alcoholic drink (whiskey, beer, soju etc) or with sparkling water.
3. Use it as a fish or meat marinade or vegetables and fruit salad sauce.

This product is made by blending Omija, pear, ginger and balloon flower root. Keep your lungs and respiratory system healthy!

Omija is a red-colour fruit which has 5 flavours and helps proper health functioning. This fruit is rare and unique because of the 5 flavours that are contained in one fruit with outstanding effects in human longevity. This fruit only grows in certain regions of South Korea, China, northern part of Russia and Japan within weather condition that is favourable.

Moreover, Omija has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effect with a rich amount of Lignan component and it is being used as Oriental medicine stuff and health functioning food and beverages.

Munkyeong is a blessed city with clean nature environment producing great amount of Omija and has been playing important role in caring of people’s health by developing various health-functioning good and beverages.

It has been proven and announced that Omija is beneficial to human body and it also has been utilized as essential medicinal-use in the field of Oriental medicine in South Korea, China and Japan over the years.

Omija’s Pharmacological Effects:
For the respiratory system: Subside coughing and asthmatic attack, remove phlegm and reinforce heart muscle.
For the liver of the human body: Regulate the increase of GPT. Suppress the proliferation of hepatitis B.
For the central nervous system: Helps memory improvement. Strengthen immune functionality. Regulate blood pressure.
Etc: Strengthen eye sight, kidney, sexual function, lung. Boost vitality. Improve blood circulation. Strengthen immunity. Ease a hangover.


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